Bits & Pieces: The All-Out Training of Jacko Gill

Remember when you felt as young as Jacko Gill?

Jacko is The Beast of New Zealand — he’s the hardest-training young shot putter in the world. To watch him work out, have a look at this short YouTube video and be amused.

From an interview:

Jacko Gill (Click to enlarge. Photo credit:
Jacko Gill, The Beast. (Click to enlarge. Photo credit:

How did you get started in your chosen sport?

When I was young I decided I needed a challenge and wanted to get our Takapuna Athletics Club record. I started throwing the shot put in our backyard for up to six hours straight every day…. I love the combination of explosive strength and speed you need to be able to throw far in the shot put. Every day is a challenge and I love training and getting strong. [Italics mine.]

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