Workout Charts

(Yikes! Correcting a big typo in first sentence. I work out once a week, not once a month!)

These are the charts I use to track my gym workouts. I work out just once a week, and I do each exercise just twice a month.

Are you wondering if I work out with pink weights? No, in fact, I work out hard. To read about the philosophy of intensive, once-a-week workouts, see Clarence Bass’s excellent Web Site. (Photos of the results.)

I’m grateful to Clarence for showing me how to get real results at the gym. Also, his methods have made my gym visits fun again. Clarence’s book Challenge Yourself describes his lifelong career as a bodybuilder and power lifter, and the scientific and empirical research that led him to conclude that infrequent, intense exercise delivers the best results.

The Charts:

Workout chart (Blank, Microsoft Word DOC)

Workout chart (Blank, PDF file)

Workout chart My workouts. Of little relevance for anyone else, but here goes. Notice that the weights are left blank. This was done intentionally. Sorry to deprive you of a laugh – as you probably suspected, at age 65 I’m lifting approximately 25 percent as much iron as Clarence is hefting at age 70. Never mind; for the first time in my career as a dilettante lifter (my main deal is running), I’m seeing real progress.