News from Fitness Intuition

Dear Friends,

There’s a new article at “Gym Workout Charts.” You’ll find it under “Misc.” It’s trivial, and a bit cryptic, but I wanted to put it online in advance of an article about Clarence Bass and learning to train.

I’ve taken a substantial hiatus from “serious” writing while I reconsider where Fitness Intuition wants to go. Partly, the gap has been due to design issues. I’m not a designer. (You guessed? Amazing.). But if the site is to grow, it needs better structure. It also needs to be more accessible for newcomers. I need to explain what the site is about. I’m sure you-all know: it’s about the search for a grand unified theory of training – and how the heart is amazing important to knowing how to train. Because it’s the point where the five dimensions of fitness meet: body, feeling, will, mind, and soul.

There are 100+ solid article ideas in the 3×5 card file, but something’s been holding me back. It’s as if a higher power has been saying “Whoa, let’s take time to think about what we’re doing.” I think the time off has been creative. I hope to make future posts shorter and more tightly focused. The central themes won’t change, just the approach.

Thanks for your patience. I hope you’ll stay tuned, and that your running is going splendidly.


George Beinhorn
The wisdom of the heart
in exercise and sports training