Running on Mt. Tam

These photos were taken during runs from or through the Pan Toll
Ranger Station on Mt. Tamalpais.

Coastal Trail north of Pan Toll Ranger Station. The trail makes a
wonderful 15-mile out-and-back training run, with continuous views
of the ocean and Point Reyes Peninsula. Photo taken with a small
"runner's camera" during the What, Mi-Wok Trail 100K race.

Another view during the What, Mi-Wok race. That's Stinson Beach
below, where the famous Dipsea trail ends. The Dipsea races now include
the Single, Double, Quad and 16-times Dipseas (this last "invented" by
ultramarathoners Don ("DC") Lundell and Gillian Robinson.

Just another gorgeous day on Mount Tam. Taken during a 20-mile
training run.

View south from ridge above Pan Toll.
That's San Francisco in the distance.

Coastal Trail north of Pan Toll.

Mt. Tam is a fantastic place to "sit and just be."
View south to the coastal hills of the San Francisco



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