Joyful Athlete Testimonials


“Your book is tremendous. It has powerfully influenced my own practice, and I am recommending it to all my coaches plus our students in our Level 2 Precision Nutrition certification as part of a ‘bodymind’ curriculum unit.” – Krista Scott-Dixon, founder of, leading strength training website for women  “George Beinhorn and I have independently concluded that success in training (and life) comes from listening to your body and mind and finding your own ever-changing path to self-actualization. Eloquent and expansive in his exposition, Beinhorn has written an exceptional book for fitness-minded individuals of every persuasion.” — Clarence Bass, two time Mr. America in his height and age class; author of the bodybuilding classic RIPPED and nine other books on leanness, fitness, and health (the latest is Take Charge: Fitness at the Edge of Science).Clarence Bass, Mr. America, Over 40 Short ClassSally and John Smallen. (Click to enlarge.)“Beyond being a wonderful book, this is a doorway to new ways of training that can help us find joy. It’s entertaining and readable, and the author writes beautifully. There are lots of people who could benefit from this information, but they won’t find it anywhere else. I deeply enjoyed The Joyful Athlete. — John Smallen, marathon PR 2:37, 50 miles sub-7:00  “Based on scientific research, the experiences of elite runners, traditional training methods, and stories of athletes’ experiences, this book clearly establishes the precedence of an expansive heart in harvesting power and joy from exercise and from all that we do.” — Michael Holland, former Stanford University specialty coach for flexibility, strength, speed, power, and nutritionm-hollandasha“Since reading The Joyful Athlete, my daily aerobic exercise has become more interesting and rewarding on levels that go far beyond the body. This book showed me undreamed-of ways to get my mind, body, and spirit exercising in harmony. I believe it will help many people, and it’s extremely well-written and enjoyable to read.” — Asha Praver, recreational swimmer, inspirational speaker, author, Loved and Protected: Stories of Miracles and Answered Prayers  “Whether you’re an elite athlete or a sedentary person who never exercises, you’ll find this book wonderfully readable, earthy and inspiring. It’s a book about much more than sports and exercise. It’s about ways of having a happier life in whatever we do – as parents, partners, and business leaders. I’m not an athlete, my sport is walking with friends. Yet almost every page had useful insights that inspired me.” — Kristina Stone, recreational walker/hikerKristina better

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