1. Do Sugary Gels Ruin a Runner’s Teeth? Check out this surprisingly simple way to prevent runner’s meth-mouth syndrome.
  2. A Fix for Chronic Runner Fatigue. There are many possible causes for failure to improve running fitness and poor recovery.
  3. Beta-testing a Miracle Fuel for Runners. Chia may be more effective when combined with finely ground almonds.
  4. For Runners Who Want to Lose Weight. Dr. William Davis, M.D. is the author of Wheat Belly, an important new book for athletes who struggle with their weight.
  5. Barn-Burning Busts Butts. An Australian study found that short sprints trim fat.
  6. Diet 4th Dimension. Losing weight is easy; preparing to lose weight is a bit more bothersome.
  7. Mystic Bagel. A high-fat, high-carb, high-simple-sugar meal 90 minutes before running? You’d be surprised, bubele.
  8. The Unbearable Urge to Eat Grease. A runner’s recovery diet should give the body what it wants, not what the runner’s mind tells him it should want.
  9. Breaking Stuff. Time your carb intake to optimize performance.
  10. Post-Run Munchies Solved at Last! When the “right” food doesn’t work, try eating the “wrong” food.
  11. Alkali Joe. What we eat after long runs can make us sick or keep us well.
  12. Carbenflarb: Fact and Fiction About Fats and Carbs. Does running long carb-free really improve the body’s ability to burn fats?
  13. Carbenflarb II. Would you be able to train harder, longer if you started eating more carbs?
  14. Carbenflarb III: Starting Runs Under-Carbed Is a Really Big Oopsie.
  15. Carbenflarb IV: Super Tuber Fuels an Amazing Run.
  16. What Does the Running Body Say about Saturated Fat? New research says sat-fats are essential.
  17. The Satisfaction Diet. Successful diets are tasty, filling, and provide all-round nutrition.
  18. Weight-Loss Intuition. Losing weight nature’s way.
  19. Cheap Runner Trash. What otherwise well-adjusted adults eat during ultramarathons.
  20. Salad Wars. Easy ways to eat your veggies.
  21. Salad Wars, Part II: Salad Soup. An even easier way to get your veggies.
  22. Salad Wars, Part III: Inner Answers. Raw eggs and recipes for life.

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