1. Richard Sherman’s Classy Coach. Sherman’s breakdown was a fleeting moment; Pete Carroll’s response was inspired.
  2. Jordan Hasay’s Brilliant Decision. Wonderful news for her fans.
  3. Must College Spell Doom for a Distance Runner? Too many runners have been flushed down the U.S. college system, by coaches hoping to advance their careers. This holocaust must stop!
  4. Lance Armstrong – Why Dope Matters. Our society is deeply confused about morals. Until we gain clarity, we’ll continue to “look for love in all the wrong places.”
  5. Fat Girls. Women will never be convinced that size doesn’t matter.
  6. Born to Booze. Are the Tarahumara worthy role models?
  7. Defending Jeff Galloway. The countless “Gallowalkers” make fast marathoners look good.
  8. “True Sport” at the Olympics. The Games tell us our own story.
  9. Both Sides Now. Kids find joy in sports with positive encouragement, not blame and shaming.
  10. “Sluggish Newbies” Make the Marathon Better. In defense of slow runners.
  11. Jeff Galloway’s Run-Walkers: No Class? 3-hour and 5-hour finishers have much in common.
  12. Bill Walsh’s Lessons for Runners. The coach of three Super Bowl champions changed sports forever.

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