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Finally, a book that explains HOW to “listen to your body”

RUNNING COACHES are always urging us to “listen to the body.” But it isn't easy. It can be hard to know how your body “wants” to train on a given day. Yet good training requires that you give your body exactly what it can handle - not too much, not too little.
      I spent 20 years searching for a way to tune in to my bodys wisdom, and I gradually realized that my body was speaking to me through the calm feelings of my heart. At first, I brushed those signals impatiently aside. But when I began to take them seriously, I started having wonderful runs more often, and I began making better progress in my training.
      Take the book for a test spin — read the book online for free. I believe you'll find that Fitness Intuition takes a unique slant on the “inside story” of running — one that’s based on practical principles that you immediately apply.

About the author. I started running in 1968. From 1972-76 I was an assistant editor and staff photographer at Runner’s World. I'm now a freelance writer and editor in Silicon Valley. Ive raced at distances from 100 yards to 100K. Photo: finish line of a solo 50-mile run (a school fundraiser) from San Francisco Bay in Palo Alto to the Pacific Ocean at Pescadero Beach. Email.


Sample Chapters
Chapter 1: Introduction. I spill all the beans and give away the secrets of intuitive training.
Chapter 2 - The Simple Joy of Sports. Expansive attitudes work at every level of sports.

What Readers Say
   "Fitness Intuition identifies the wisdom of the heart as the best guide for exercising and living. Based on scientific research, the experiences of elite runners, traditional training methods, and one man’s experiences, this book clearly establishes the precedence of an expansive heart in harvesting power and joy – from exercise and in all that we do."
      — Michael Holland, former Stanford University specialty coach for flexibility, strength, speed, power and nutrition; former staff personal trainer, Maui Prince and Grand Wailea resort hotels, swimmer and runner.

      "Beyond being a wonderful book on running, this is a doorway to new ways of training that can help us find joy. It's entertaining and readable, and the author writes beautifully. There are lots of people who could benefit from this information, but they won’t find it anywhere else. I really, really enjoyed Fitness Intuition."
     — John Smallen, distance runner (marathon PR 2:37, 50-mile PR under 7 hours, runs 4-5 times a week, lifts weights 3 days a week)

   “I exercise for health, not competition, so I’m not terribly interested in the 'athlete’s high.’ But this book showed me undreamed-of ways to get my mind, body, and spirit working in harmony. Since reading Fitness Intuition, my daily thirty minutes of aerobic exercise have become more interesting and rewarding, on levels that go far beyond the physical. I think the book will help many people — and it’s extremely well written.”
      — Asha Praver, recreational swimmer, spiritual teacher

    “Your book came at the right time in my running life. I enjoyed it very much. No ‘buts.’ I really liked it.” - R.S., runner for 40+ years

    "I've just finished reading the first 10 chapters. Outstanding." - W.S., runner for 30+ years



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Fitness Intuition is now available as a 344-page trade paperback: $19.95 + S/H or just $12.50 for the downloadable PDF e-book. Order.

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Book News
     A 5500-word (!) chapter was published as the lead article in the Nov/Dec 2007 issue of Marathon & Beyond (title "The Persistence of Long, Slow Distance"), along with a second article based on “Sluggish Newbies.”
     The chapter “Happy Heart Running” was published in The Runner's High (Breakway Books)
     The chapter “The Simple Joy of Sports” was excerpted at Stumptuous.com, the leading strength-training website for women (and a great resource for guys).
     While it isn't book news, I can report with a certain glee that Martin Pruss has translated the “First 50” article into German and posted it on his excellent website. Vielen Dank, Martin!