A Good Health Report at Age 81 — What Have I Been Doing Right?

I guess this falls under the rubric of “doing well due to a lifelong yogic lifestyle.”

With the obvious caveat that a speeding truck could bring my karma to me at any moment God may decree, I received complete bloodwork results yesterday at age 81, and the news was pretty good.

Dr. Quan said, “All the numbers look great!” (Except for cholesterol which is a bit elevated, but moving downward.)

Blood pressure well within normal range, too.

What have I done right? I’ve eaten simply and deliciously for 57 years, nowadays (at age 81) with a high proportion of fresh raw organic veggie and fruit smoothies, cooked beans & greens with delicious broth and steamed veggies, and an occasional indispensable chocolate treat.

Occasional dairy (cheese) and an egg. (Because Paramhansa Yogananda pointed out that these are the only two foods that can sustain life unaided; thus they supply any nutrients missing from the remainder of the diet.)

Not much exercise, but I did a lot for 40+ years and still occasionally sprint on the bike.

I sing daily (mostly chants) for 30-60+ minutes and I’m absolutely certain that it has positively impacted my health.

In response to this article, a friend told me about her father who is in his nineties and has meditated regularly for many years; among his practices is praying twice daily for others. I know this to be a tremendous, quick cure for discontent and the blues. Research at the Institute of HeartMath confirms this – anything that sends waves of expansive energy through our hearts – kindness, compassion, forgiveness, love, good wishes – will have a powerful positive effect on our health and well-being.

3 thoughts on “A Good Health Report at Age 81 — What Have I Been Doing Right?”

  1. WOW! what a wonderful testament to the yogic path. I love that you are living in the epicenter of Silicon Valley… a life of “simple living, yet high thinking”. Not only this marvelous report of your physical health, but also your creative pursuits in writing, technology, photography, etc…a very rich life… the way we want to live at any age! Thanks for sharing!
    Excuse me now, while I go make a nutritious smoothie.

  2. Thank you for sharing dear friend, so glad you got such a clean bill of health. Thank you for the advice. I started learning to play the harmonium and I’m beginning to really know in my body, that playing and chanting is a magic combination. I cannot believe you are 81!

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