USADA WADA Biddy-biddy-badda

Yet more ridiculous churning from the bandwagon of droopy-drawers underpant-snapping virtuecrats in WADA/USADA.

Seems WADA is requesting that USADA turn over its data on Nike Oregon Project athletes in advance of possible re-testing.

My unrestrained response: ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Good luck with that.

Not a single Alberto Salazar-trained athlete has ever tested positive for banned substances.

Alberto is no fool; he played by the USADA’s rules, always coloring well within the lines. And now USADA just could not resist the roiling blood lust that got them into the drug-testing business in the first place.

Seriously, folks, drug testing needs to be turned over to impartial, objective scientists, and not left in the hands of these bottom-feeding virtuecrats.

Again, I am hoping that Alberto Salazar and Nike will go after these agencies with every legal weapon at their disposal. USADA and WADA need to put up or shut up.

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