Tony Holler and John O’Malley: Revolutionaries and Giants

If you read nothing else about running this year, please don’t miss this lengthy, brilliant, very readable and moving article by Tony Holler: Divergent Thinking: Inside John O’Malley.

No words of mine required — the article is a beast, a thought-provoking, wonderful read. If you’ve enjoyed anything you’ve ever read here, you’ll love it.

Speaking of loving and “here” and revolutionaries I’ve spent the last year and half compiling, writing, editing, photographing, designing and publishing two books that are related closely in spirit to The Joyful Athlete. Last heard, a hundred copies of the latest book were somewhere in West Virgina, westbound on a freight train.

Where Joyful Athlete talks about transforming sports training, both books look inside a revolutionary K-8 school that prepares kids to be happy and successful in life — exactly the point I wanted to help readers understand with Joyful Athlete.

If you have an interest in how young people are and should be educated today, or if you’re looking for inspiration and ideas for refurbishing your own heart and spirit, I think you may find them richly rewarding.

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