Good Vibes — Video and Web

I love it when I find positive sports news, especially during a leisurely lunch or evening break.


SFGate sportswriter Al Sarajevic reports the morning after the Golden Gate Warriors win their second NBA championship in three years. Al knows what truly made it happen: the Warriors are good guys.

Coach Jeremy Gunn recaps the season that culminated in the Stanford men’s soccer team winning the NCAA championships for the second straight year.

 I’m not doing a lot of sports writing these days — more out of fear than incapacity. I’ve seen too often how former athletes, injured athletes, and second- and third-tier athletes tend to compensate for their inadequacies by becoming pompous bloviators, tooting forth their opinions in an exaggerated voice.

I’ve done it, and found no pleasure in it. But I do enjoy passing on the pleasant surprises I happen to come across. Enjoy!

I’m not totally incapacitated, just age 75 with sciatica that prevents me from running. I do all errands on the bike, always pushing it, and am able to ride hard about every 10-14 days.

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