Bits & Pieces

Want fun? Go read this interview with Phoebe Wright, right now. Then go sign up on the RSS feed at her Stop Phe blog. Then check her Google+ page.

How come? Because this site is titled Joyful Athlete and that’s Phoebe. Never mind that she’s a 1:58 800m runner — this is a person with a lot of joy in her. I’m a fan. If I weren’t so old, I’d be in love.

Oh, then go look at the Picky Bar About page. More fun. Disclaimer: I have never eaten a Picky Bar and have no financial involvement — well, in anything really. Can’t afford it. But I will eat a Picky Bar. Probably two, because I support anyone who makes me smile. Thank you, Lauren Fleshman — I remember watching you run at Stanford. I was the moss-covered guy in the stands, class of “64 and “66.

Hm, here’s another cool Bits & Pieces-type page. Check the amazing Arctic Swell surfing video.


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