This & That: Henderson, Nadel, Lydiard

I love to share stuff that inspires me. It’s been frustrating to limit myself to the usual long “think pieces.” So I’ll likely be posting heads-ups to the good stuff I find. Here goes.

Wonderful article by Joe Henderson about former US 10K road and 10,000m track record holder Mark Nenow, originally published February 1991. I love Nenow’s approach — not being crushed when he failed but daring greatly, and not being overly numbers-oriented and scientific about it all. Shades of the Kenyans who believe Americans make a big mistake by being too concerned with numbers.

A great article on the ESPN high school track page by Marc Bloom, who’s an exceptionally talented writer, about Samantha Nadel, a Long Island high schooler and her teammates who are burning the record books by using a slightly tweaked variation of the training ideas of the great Arthur Lydiard. I love Lydiard and those who preach his system. It makes complete sense to me: it’s a sure prescription for improving and enjoying it, which we here at Fitness Intuition (well, I here) believe is the only sane way to train. I know, it’s not as if I haven’t mentioned this before, but I can’t resist touting my favorite training book of all time, Keith Livingstone’s Health Intelligent Training: The Proven Principles of Arthur Lydiard. You’ll find lots of good, ripe training ideas on Keith’s website.

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