Lydiard Guide Available Online

Here’s a quick link to an excellent guide to Arthur Lydiard’s training system, written by Arthur himself. I recommend saving the PDF version, in case this website ever goes down. I find it helpful to review Arthur Lydiard’s wisdom.

And here’s a link to an excellent article, “Lydiard Misconceptions Explained.”

I’m currently engaged in re-focusing my training on energy – making energy, removing blocks to its smooth flow, and just generally enjoying “just-right running,” where energy flows through the system at a rate the feels “just right.”

I’ll never run 100-mile weeks, as Lydiard urges serious competitors to do. But the principles of his training are completely applicable to my little training efforts. Finishing each training run feeling “pleasantly tired,” and doing most aerobic runs at a brisk pace (not slogging or jogging) feels exactly right at this stage of the game.

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