Table of Contents

1. Introduction
I spill all the beans and give away the main ideas of the book.

2. The Simple Joys of Sport
Expansive attitudes work at every level of sports, from Little League to the Olympics.

3. The Five Dimensions of Fitness
The tools of a runner, and how to create great runs.

Section 1: Body

4. The Harmony Zone
Your heart will tell you how your body wants to train.

5. Science of the Heart
Research indicates expansive attitudes are good for a runner’s body, mind, and spirit.

6. Focus on Feeling
New research on emotions, mental focus, and intuition.

7. Can Slow Training Make You Faster?
Yes and no. But a long, slow warmup will allow you to work hard and feel great..

8. Burnout
Training is about balance: a famous author’s story of intuition.

9. Finding Intuition
Prescriptions for intuitive running.

10. Happy Heart Running
A prayer to be free of ego opens doors for a landmark run.

11. The 96% Run
Can you run fast for long distances–effortlessly? You bet.

12. Warmup Stuff
Running in the Zone is easy–once you get there.

13. Close as I Can Get
Training with expansive attitudes makes good things happen.

14. Running Inside
To run with spirit, keep it simple.

15. Five Steps to Heaven
The five stages of a run–when you honor the discipline, the result is joy.

16. Harmony Zone II
Science and intuition, reason and feeling–these opposites go hand in hand.

17. Old Guys
Age teaches runners to take success and failure with equal poise.

18. Think It Over
The universe conspires to teach us balanced training.

19. Injuries and Intuition
Find your center, and you’ll find running success.

20. The Inch-Up Theory
Finding answers the easy way.

21. Focus
Beyond the Zone: something is out there.

22. Intuition
Need help with your running? Just ask.

Section 2: Heart

23. What Runners Want
The siren desire of a runner’s heart: ever-new joy.

24. Unheard Prayers
The power of mental focus.

25. As You Are
Except ye become as little children, ye shall not enter the kingdom of the Zone.

26. Therapy
Fast running can cure the blues.

27. Heart and Structure
Balanced running: feeling or will power? Heart or mind? Both!

28. Going Deep on Mt. Tam
The inner battle for inner aloha is tough, but the rewards are priceless.

29. What Does It Mean?
The struggle and blessings of running ego-free.

30. Cell-Deep
How can a runner find answers, unless he breaks open his heart?

31. Mud
Bummers to blessings on a rainy day.

Section 3: Will

32. Nightingale
Nobody said spiritual running would be easy.

33. Brad Hauser
Mr. Oldanslo batters his body– and receives a sweet lesson from an Olympian.

34. More Lessons at the Track
Mr. Oldanslo gets it right.

35. Quality of the Run
Your kind of running is what will give you joy.

36. Crash
Resist the lessons each runner must learn, and your body will teach you the hard way.

37. Get It Off Your Chest
The Running of Law, and the Running of Love.

38. Darn
It’s not always what you say to God, but how you say it.

39. Too Much Will
Pushing past balance delivers diminishing returns.

40. Recovery Run
Is spiritual fulfillment possible during a piddling 30-minute run? Yes, indeed.

Section 4: Mind

41. Perspective
God judges no one; He’s on our side.

42. One Small Step
Want more joy in your runs? Be here now… and now… and now.

43. The Right Wa
yThe battle for mental focus opens a runner’s heart.

44. What Pleases God?
Excruciating effort sometimes just isn’t a very good idea.

45. Where’s Your Head?
Relax and enjoy the spiritual path!

Section 5: Soul

46. Stealing
Your competitors can never “take your power” when you’ve got the power of love.

47. Methods’ End
Find the deepest, simplest part of yourself, if you want to know “God on the run.”

48. Recovering the Harmony Zone
A careful test of the Harmony Zone delivers bliss.

49. In the Moment
We are never “not good enough” to find God on the run.

50. Fine-tuning
The heart demands attention at every stage of the run.

51. Vision
Calm breath plus calm mind equals inner peace and joy.

52. On the Trail
Spiritual experiences during a solo, unsupported 50-mile adventure run for charity.

53. Thoughts Matter
The music of the heart.

54. God Laughs
When words fail, try a good belly laugh.

55. Center Everywhere
Runners who “compete cooperatively” create t their own success.

56. Footsteps
Spiritual running is deepest when it’s relaxed and natural.

57. My Way
Restless mind? Don’t worry about it!

58. On Track
Lessons from a talented young runner.

59. Changing Levels
When it’s time for a new style of running, help is only a prayer away.

60. Why Ultras?
Ultramarathoning’s gift: primal simplicity.

61. Mountain Run
When the going gets tough during a mountain ultra, it helps to have a friend.

62. Robert
Lifelong jocks learn that sports is about expansion.

63. I Love You, Baby!
An African song, a Danish saint, a 100-mile runner: joy is the primary passion of the soul.

64. Joy Run
Joy is a runner’s natural condition.

65. Marathon
Dying in the marathon and finding inner freedom.

66. Why Ultras II?
The “seasons” of a runner last 6 or 7 years–until there’s no more expansion.

67. Evidence in Small Things
When it comes to running, God is definitely in the details.

68. Prayer
Running isn’t an end; it’s a path.

69. Santa Cruz High
Finding God’s joy inside while running in ugly places.

70. Appendix: Resources