It’s About More Than Sports

It’s kind of hard to be a joyful athlete if you aren’t being expansive in other parts of your life.

Conversely, finding ways to be expansive in the other parts can contribute a lot to being expansive in your training.

My best marathons and ultras happened when I used them as fundraisers for a small local private school. Perhaps coincidentally, that school has a huge focus on helping kids be not only academically successful but happy.

I follow the Stanford sports website because I frequently find stories there that inspire me.

Sophia Monaghan is a junior majoring in human biology and minoring in French. She tells her story in a YouTube video, Song for Sophia. I won’t spoil it by blabbing about it here. Check it out, and see if you don’t run with an extra spring in your step afterward.

Oh, forgot to mention: Sophia’s water polo team won the national championship last year.

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