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  1. Hello George Beinhorn!

    I would love to have you on my podcast: A Quest for Well-Being.
    It has 5000+ downloads and 1400+ newsletter subscribers.

    We can discuss the topic in your book (The Joyful Athlete: The Wisdom of the Heart in Exercise And Sports Training)

    To listen to previously published episodes please visit:

    If interested, please email me at

    Looking forward to our meaningful conversation!

    Much Love, good health and peace,

  2. Hi Valeria. As I emailed you offline, I’m pretty much retired from my former athletic endeavors – thanks to severe butt pain that appeared within two weeks of my book being published. Who says the universe doesn’t have a sense of humor? I do continue to ride the bike, at age 78, and push it hard for fitness. I am grateful for the invitation – maybe in our next life? Blessings – George

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